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The Greatest Movie Ever

I am a child of Disney princess movies and Nancy Meyer films. To say that I am a hopeless romantic would be an understatement. Learning that one day I would get the guy, I waited and waited and then waited some more. Wondering when my romantic comedy would start? I seemed to be looking at my life movie wrong and I think some of you might be too. I am not just a romantic comedy; I also happen to be a hero’s journey. I’m fairly certain that these two are intertwined. My journey and many others in this world is a journey of love. Self love to be exact. Just like any movie ever, there will be obstacles and these obstacles will suck. What gets me through the journey and maybe it will help you too is the sequence where the two love interests find each other and embrace. Normally in an airport or in the rain for some reason. I don’t think my romantic dramedy will lead up to me being fully in love with myself at an airport, I mean it could but I can’t predict the future. For me the final scene in my film will be full acceptance of the body that I was blessed to be given. My final airport run, is looking in the mirror and seeing a person and loving her.  I used to hate when friends and family would say “you have to love yourself first, before you can love anyone else”. Now, I think this statement is true, but instead of living your life waiting for the love of your life to show up, as was taught in all the movies. Fall in love with yourself. The greatest romantic dramedy is the one in which you accept and love yourself.

No New Me.

No New Me.