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No New Me.

No New Me.

         From December 26th to January 31st the world screams “new year, new me”. While this statement is fine for some, it seems to be toxic for others. I am an other. For years I spent my life praising the new year, it seemed to be the way in which I would finally change myself. I could and would finally reach my goal weight and look sexy and skinny in the process. Surprise, it didn’t work. As much as I would like to think that I am alone in this big and sometimes scary world, the failing of a resolution especially dietary seems to be world wide. Which, should probably tell us something. If we fail dieting in January and then we seem to fail it in June and August as well, the conclusion should be that dieting does not work. A quick fix of only eating boiled potatoes or counting calories and restricting, while seems fast is correlated with a life long problem. The problem of not seeing ourselves as enough. Our society thrives on us feeling less than. I now refuse to feel less than. I am reclaiming my space in society by turning my back on resolutions for good. Instead I will create incremental change for myself, taking a health journey one day at a time.

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